Thursday, October 9, 2014

What men want in a woman?

With the changing times, the idea of what a man wants in a woman has also undergone a drastic change. Modern men want a very different category of women, compared to what is usually depicted in chick flicks and romance novels. Gone are the days when the rich, handsome hero was mesmerized by the helpless, shy fragile girl and enchanted by her shyness. It’s a different story now, so read on to decide for yourself if you prefer the modern times to the past generations. That said, tastes and choices of men might vary and no offence to anyone who disagrees to my views.

No clinging daisy: Modern men want seem to prefer their women to be independent and have a social life of their own, instead of clinging to them all the time. They would rather have you go out on your own or with your friends and give him the same kind of space and understanding.

Straight talk: Women are famous for spinning webs instead of telling what they want. Well, if you want your man to hang on, you need to take a few classes from your men friends on straight talk. The last thing a man wants in his hand is a woman who says something and means something else.

No damsel in distress: There was a time when a damsel in distress was the best thing to be if you wanted a strong, handsome man to win over. But sadly that’s not going to win you anything except raised eyebrows with the modern men. They want their women to their own rescuing and would prefer them to be a support at times of need.

Bold works: If you are shy and blush at the slightest thing, maybe you are born a little too late. Men, these days prefer their women to lead at times on almost all things. If not lead, at least to have a mind and opinion of their own. Some men find the thought of a take-charge woman pretty intriguing, if you know what I mean.

Sense of humor please: You always want your men to make you laugh and not be a bore, well now the time has come to reciprocate. Men like women to have a sense of humor and also be able to hold a witty conversation instead of being a mute spectator. You will need to be capable of understanding his jokes and be able to deliver a few of your own as well.

All these might seem to be a little overboard and a shade too much for one poor female to be capable of doing; and many of you might find the past era much better when all you needed to be was a good cook and be able to keep the house clean.   

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