Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Does he like me? Top 5 signs that a guy likes you

When you are in the throes of that initial phase of love, there are a number of things that plagues your mind. Top among them is the question of whether the guy you are interested in is interested in you in the same way. This nail-biting tense situation is even more intensified by the fact that he has not told you about his feelings in verbose and it is impossible for you to decipher his secret signs which seems like coded language to you. 

In such times there seems to be only one way left and that is to ask the guy directly, but wait, there is another way too. All you need to do is just read on and glean the top 5 signs which will make it clear if the guy likes you or not. After you understand the signs you can decide to take the relationship into the next stage and approach your guy with renewed confidence.