Friday, July 18, 2014

Top signs that you are dating a married man

Dating, flirt  and romanceWith the advent of social networking sites and the literally virtual online dating communities, the concept of finding the right man has undergone a radical change. Gone are the days when we used to fall in love at first sight and have deliciously long courtships. Those days have now been replaced with blind and online dating where one is virtually dating a stranger. The dangers and risks involved in dating an unknown person are manifold, the least of which could be that he is already married. It is not unknown for women to have been duped by a married man who sweeps them off their feet with their charm and yet manage to lead a completely normal family life at home. We might expect to get an honest answer when we ask a guy if he is married, but some of them are experts at lying without even blinking. 

One might feel like a fool to have been taken for a ride by such men but the fact is that these men are experts at maintaining their fa├žade and besides, if one is in love, it is natural to turn a blind eye to a lot of things we would otherwise question. So, rather than calling yourself all kinds of a fool, you can instead rejoice at the fact that you are no longer associated with the person and are now better equipped to identify the signs. Here are some telltale signs that you might be dating a married man and if it is time to do some proper digging.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 ways to turn your monster-in-law into a loving mother-in-law

The horror stories which we have heard about mother in laws all around us, seems to have clouded our vision about them. We hate to admit it; but these perceptions that we have built in our minds always seem to hover somewhere in the vicinity of all newly married women. And when a woman enters into a new family she somehow has already made an impression about the mother-in-law and which clouds her own sense of fair judgment. There are very few women who have actually entered into a relationship without forming assumptions about their husbands’ mothers and the few who have done so; are the only ones to have maintained a cordial and successful mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.

Another sad fact is that some mother-in-laws seem to have also heard the same stories and which probably makes them feel that they have an image to live up to. And hence there comes an initial barrier from her side as well. This doesn't help in appeasing the fears which have already taken house in the mind of a new daughter-in-law. However, even though it might seem to be an insurmountable problem at first, there are several ways to break the ice and start on a good footing with your mother-in-law and have a healthy and happy relationship with her; without compromising your own happiness.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Adoption as a single parent: Some do's and dont's

Adopting a child is a long term process which requires a lot of sensitivity and contemplation on the part of parents who are opting for it. And when the parent involved in the adoption happens to be single, it becomes even more of a delicate matter. Although nowadays, it is quite common for single women to opt for adoption, it still remains a challenging and sensitive task.
Undoubtedly, it is a very rewarding experience, but as a single mother, it requires a lot more dedication and extra effort because of several reasons. There are however, several measures one can take to make the whole experience of adding someone special in your life a very unique and beautiful one. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

7 Strong Reasons to get married

                                                 Wedding at park     

                                                      In the current world of female empowerment and gender equality, women are somehow losing interest in the institution of marriage. It might be that in this modern era, they have suddenly realized that there is more to their lives than procreation and furthering of a lineage. The new-found financial and moral independence among these new breed of women has somehow led many of them to venture into the world of single-hood. Somehow the stifling impediments of matrimony and the restricting life of a wife have lost its appeal. In fact many women are opting to be single parents than to be burdened with the woes of a married life.