Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Does he like me? Top 5 signs that a guy likes you

When you are in the throes of that initial phase of love, there are a number of things that plagues your mind. Top among them is the question of whether the guy you are interested in is interested in you in the same way. This nail-biting tense situation is even more intensified by the fact that he has not told you about his feelings in verbose and it is impossible for you to decipher his secret signs which seems like coded language to you. 

In such times there seems to be only one way left and that is to ask the guy directly, but wait, there is another way too. All you need to do is just read on and glean the top 5 signs which will make it clear if the guy likes you or not. After you understand the signs you can decide to take the relationship into the next stage and approach your guy with renewed confidence.

He is always eager to meet you: This is a sure sign that he is into you. When a guy is interested in you he will want to get to know you better and for that he would want to fix the next date as soon as possible. If the guy is not interested, he would not be too eager to meet you and you will feel that you are the only one who is making all the effort.

He appears to see only you:


Guys have wandering eyes and are always checking out other prospects. It's kind of an inbuilt radar they have which seems to beep the moment there appears a member of the opposite sex, in the vicinity. This doesn't alter much even in the company of their dates. But when a guy is really interested in you, he will be maintaining eye contact with only you and paying attention to whatever you are saying. The radar will go off on a vacation, at least till he is in the 

He wants to know you: When a guy likes you, he will want to know the details about your life including the personal ones. If he wants to know if you are dating anyone or if you are interested in someone or if he is eager to know the kind of things you like in a guy, then it is a sign of his interest. 

He is always in touch: 

If your phone and e-mail has a message waiting from your guy, than it might mean that you are in his thoughts. A guy who likes you will always want to be in touch. If a guy calls you or texts you or generally keeps in touch everyday than he is definitely thinking about you. If he is out of town and still has made the effort to get in touch with you, then it is a clear indication that he is into you. 

He wants to show you off: If a guy is eager for you to meet his friends and buddies, he is surely trying to show you off or getting their approval. If he asks you out to meet his friends and then treats you special, he is trying to glean their opinion and also trying to show you his life style. Usually, it's the other way around when the only thing in their mind is a short fling. That's when you get the "I want you all to myself, baby" routine.

It might seem tricky to understand your guy’s nuances and hints but his speech and attitude can give you a lot of ideas. He will behave differently with you than he does with his other buddies and the way he seems to hang on to your every word and show that special care for your well-being is a sure shot sign that he is into you. 

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