Friday, July 18, 2014

Top signs that you are dating a married man

Dating, flirt  and romanceWith the advent of social networking sites and the literally virtual online dating communities, the concept of finding the right man has undergone a radical change. Gone are the days when we used to fall in love at first sight and have deliciously long courtships. Those days have now been replaced with blind and online dating where one is virtually dating a stranger. The dangers and risks involved in dating an unknown person are manifold, the least of which could be that he is already married. It is not unknown for women to have been duped by a married man who sweeps them off their feet with their charm and yet manage to lead a completely normal family life at home. We might expect to get an honest answer when we ask a guy if he is married, but some of them are experts at lying without even blinking. 

One might feel like a fool to have been taken for a ride by such men but the fact is that these men are experts at maintaining their fa├žade and besides, if one is in love, it is natural to turn a blind eye to a lot of things we would otherwise question. So, rather than calling yourself all kinds of a fool, you can instead rejoice at the fact that you are no longer associated with the person and are now better equipped to identify the signs. Here are some telltale signs that you might be dating a married man and if it is time to do some proper digging.

He doesn't pick your calls at home: If the guy you have started seeing has made this strange request that you don’t call him at home and during holidays, then there is a high chance that he might be married and stays with his family. He might have given some lame excuse to you about having a sick parent at home, but what are the odds that he can ‘never’ take your calls at home? Whatever reasons he has given, if he doesn't call you or take your calls from home, then it is time to do some snooping into his life.  

He never invites you home: Guys usually tend to invite their girlfriends home at some point of time. If you have been dating for some time and your guy always avoids taking you anywhere near his home, then it could be that he is married or is homeless. Jokes apart, try telling your boyfriend directly about wanting to see his place and check out his reaction. If he acts reluctant and makes up some excuse for not inviting you, then it could be that you are being taken for a ride.

He avoids meeting you in public places: Married men will not want to be seen in places where he could run into his family or friends. He will instead want to meet somewhere private where there are no chances of being seen. If your dates are usually held at your place or only at secluded places, there might be something else going on. While it could be that he likes to have you to himself but what are the chances that you never go out in public together? You could try asking him to come out shopping with your to some mall close to his house and check his response. If he is unwilling to come out with you then it might be a danger signal. 
You never get to meet his friends: A guy who is serious about you will make sure that his friends have seen you as well. They want to show off their toys and you are one of his best. So, if a guy tells you that he hardly has any friends in town and then ditches you for a night with the men in the weekends, there is something going on for sure. A married man who is having an affair might tell his best friend about you but will not go publishing his affair to all of his friends. So if you have only seen one of his friend and not hide or hair of the others so far, then you could ask out directly to meet all his friends and see where it leads.

He is secretive about his life: A man who is married will need to lie a lot to keep his life a secret from you but in order to avoid getting caught he would want to lie as less as possible. So, it is likely that you will hear only some vague stories about his life. Most of his talk will be about work and how stressed out or difficult his life is; which is because he wants to avoid any slip-ups about his married life. He will be cagey about certain areas of his life when you ask about them. So, if the guy you are going out with is eager to talk about a certain area of his life and is completely mum about the other, then you might have a reason to worry.

Although the signs discussed above might serve as telltale signs of your guy being married, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he is actually married. There might be some logical explanation to his behavior, but if you have any doubts in your mind and you have already asked the question to him then it might be time to go to some extra lengths and find out if he is actually married. Even though there is a chance that you will not like the answer but at least you get to sleep easy at night.

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