Quotes - some original quotes about life and love

Quotes on life-lessons

"When you meet someone with no sensitivity and zero courtesy, only then you appreciate the person who shows you both."

"Maybe it was too easy and so I took it for granted"

"When you find something perfect, stop looking for the flaws"

"You will always find people around you when you have money and charm but lose both and you will be left with only the true friends"

"You realize how much a place means to you – only when you decide to leave"

"If you need to justify your actions even to yourself than there must be something wrong with your actions."


                                                                            Love Quotes

"I wish I had a duster, every time I wanted to wipe away the past."

"If you think falling from a great height is painful..try falling in love"

"If i count the hours i have wasted thinking about you, i would be younger by a few years."

"When i think of the nine month’s pain, i would rather forgo the pleasure of 9 minutes."

"I wish I could sleep and wake up only when all memories have gone"

"I wonder if there will be a day when I will close my eyes and not see your face"

"Truth may hurt but it will only hurt once, it’s worse when you find out that it was all lies"

Random Quotes 

"When a woman needs a change in life, she goes for a new haircut..when a man needs change,, he goes for an affair."

"Joys of single-hood: No fights for the remote, YOU decide what looks good on you, options on a date night are not one and only but more and more!!!"

"Options are many but choices are less."