Monday, September 22, 2014

10 movies of unconditional love which made us cry

People like to watch movies for relaxation and fun, but weepy romantic movies still manage to make the top lists. It proves that we are always moved by strong emotions. Below are my 10 favorite tear-jerker movie scenes, that won’t fail to make you cry, unless you are really the unemotional, strong types.

#1. Hachiko – A dog’s story

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Office Romance: Is it worth it?

Romance at the workplace might have a Mills-and-Boon ring to it, but the road to it is often filled with more dangers than you can handle. Although novels and movies are rife with happily ending office romances, reality is a different picture altogether. The temptation of a workplace affair is very intense and the opportunities are also vast, hence most people step into the landmine without thinking about the consequences. Especially, with the current work hours and dedication to one’s career, people tend to spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else; hence the chances of office affairs are fairly high. But the truth is these few days of romantic interlude may end up costing you more than what you bargained for.
Even though one might argue that there are many live examples of happy office romances which have not had any sinister after effects, but unfortunately those are very few and far between. Without belittling those who have found happiness through the workplace, the ratio of failed romances however is much higher compared to the successful ones. In most cases, office romances lead to disastrous results with lasting repercussions. After the entire episode is over, you will probably be left wondering if it was all worth the pain and effort. So, if you are in the verge of falling into the honeyed trap of an office affair, you might consider these facts first.