Wednesday, November 12, 2014

8 tips on where and how to meet single men

Recent statistics from surveys conducted in the United States have shown that it is more difficult for women over 30 to meet single men, than for men to meet unattached women of the same age bracket. The men that women of that age meet, are either married, engaged or gay. While it might be true that it is difficult, but it is certainly not impossible, to meet single men, provided you are willing to make some effort. Nobody has the time to wait for Mr. Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet and women are ready to go looking for Mr. Average instead. The only question is where are they looking and how are they getting the right ones when the others are not?

You can hardly expect to find the man of your dreams when travelling in the subway, although that do sometimes happen. But instead of waiting for your dream man to cross your path at some point of time in the future, isn't it better to take some positive action and go to those places where they are likely to be? Or to devise the means which will make it more probable for you to meet someone then sitting in the weekends watching your favorite sitcoms? So, if you are all geared up to meet the man of your dreams, here are the eight best ways and places on how and where to meet the most eligible men, both in your town and outside.

Take up a sport: You are more likely to meet eligible men in the golf rink or tennis courts than in the shopping malls. It makes sense to get yourself enrolled in one of the outdoor sports and check out the crowd in there. Besides giving you an opportunity to meet eligible bachelors, indulging in outdoor sports keep your adrenaline pumping which in turn, keeps you happy and alive. And you have more chances of catching the eye of a handsome guy when you are bubbly and cheerful, rather than sad and morose, right?

Take an adventure trip: 

Although men often go on all kind of vacations, but single men are more apt to go on road trips and adventure holidays. So, the next time you are planning an all-women trip, maybe you can check out the options available for adventure holidays. Beaches are fine to meet men, but it is more probable that it will be swarmed with young guys or family men. Single men often go skiing, trekking, paragliding, deep sea diving and other adventure sports, so it doesn't harm to plan your next vacation to be an adrenaline rush. Booking a cruise trip also is a sound idea for having some fun and adventure along with a chance to find the man of your dreams.

Join the gym: You might think you are fit and healthy enough to warrant the excuse of staying away from the gym, but then you are missing the chance of catching up with some nice six abs on some nice single men. Joining the gym gives you the right kind of atmosphere and exposure to meet men and they are more interested in a woman who takes her fitness seriously. So, besides getting a nice display of some muscles and abs you might also get asked out on a date.

Have a swapping party: Although this might sound kinky, it is actually one of the most popular ways to meet single men. All you need are a few girlfriends who are also looking for eligible men and ask them to get one of their unattached male friends with them to a party. It might turn out that what didn't suit their criteria might meet yours perfectly. There are of course, a few rules to these parties and one of which is that the friend should be unattached and not a sex maniac or stalker. This actually works out pretty well for everyone because you get to meet men who are already known to your friend and hence are much safer to date than a stranger.
Check out the sport bars on the big game nights: 

We all know where all the men like to hang out during the big game weekends and that is not in the beach. Game nights will see the bars and lounges packed with men and if you are in luck, you will be able to catch the eye of some single hunk. You will need to be careful to avoid the married ones though, because they tend to hang out in these places too.

Get a dog: Although this might sound more like a trick that guys use to attract gushing girls, this can also prove to be help for the women-folk as well. Dog parks are strewn with men who get their pets for their exercise and play and these places are fast becoming popular places to meet and socialize. There is no reason why you might not meet a handsome eligible bachelor right at the playground. Besides, you might get a mate for your dog in the bargain. A buy-one and get-one offer of a life-time.

Go online: Although it has been there for some time, online dating still remains one of the most popular ways to meet men. Even though there is no guarantee that the man you are chatting with is actually single or the father of several kids, it is still a favored method for the busy and working ladies who don’t have the time to try the conventional ways. The internet has become a virtual dating site for millions and there is no other meeting place which is more in demand.

Attend that seminar: If you belong to the category of the highly intellectual ones, then you might consider attending seminars and conventions related to your subjects. You will be surprised at the number of men that you can meet in these places and if they are also busy in their studies and researches like you, then they probably are having an equally hard time meeting single women as well. It is a win-win situation for both the parties.

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