Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are you single? Celebrate your single hood!

In spite of the fact that women are strong and independent beings; who no longer need a man to fix a night-bulb, they still seem to have a common question to dodge. All the well-wishers, friends and relatives seem to have read the same questionnaire and has only one answer they seem to be interested in, which is, “Are you (finally!!) seeing someone?” If the said question comes from an attractive male, you might still feel flattered. But when you get that question from all the attached, “basking in the glory of their married lives”, category of friends and well-wishers, you almost feel like banging your (or is it theirs?) head. This is the 21st century, folks, gone are the days when women needed men to hunt food for them, now they can hunt their own from the supermarket.

If you fall into the category of being single and loving the feel of it, don’t be afraid to toss your new-found glory on the faces of your gloating ‘attached’ friends. And for the ones who have just come out of a relationship and wondering how to live the rest of your life alone, don’t, because there is more to life than just living it for somebody else. Being in a loving relationship is a very beautiful experience, for those who have it; but since “happily ever afters” are on the verge of becoming extinct just like the Bengal tigers, you should enjoy the next best thing; which is single-hood.

Single-hood has evolved into being a status which people want to opt for, instead of it being an unwanted burden, like earlier days. Women have started realizing the hidden delights of being single and are openly flaunting their new-found happiness. Even the world has a lot more to offer to singles, what with holiday packages, restaurant promos, cruises for the single etc.  So if you are still wondering what is so good about being single, than read on and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Me, mine and myself: If you have been in a relationship, you will understand that there is nothing called, “me” anymore. Everything revolves around the happiness of your man, “the love of your life” whose only place seems to be on top of his lounger, in front of the TV, with a bottle of beer in his hand. So if you have been one of those unfortunate women, please heave a sigh of relief and start using the remote again. You will be surprised to discover that while you have been busy in the kitchen, cooking his favorite dinner, there has been a hoard of new channels added to your cable network. You will have all the time in the world to reflect upon yourself for a change, a luxury which you could ill-afford previously. It’s time to take out all the “me time” you wanted and indulge yourself with all the spas, beauty treatments, girls night outs, only girls’ vacations etc. You will be surprised to feel happy and carefree again, back to your glorious childhood days.  

Happy Independence Day:

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If you are missing the loving touch of your partner, maybe it is time to reflect on all those nights when you had to cry yourself to sleep. Try remembering the times when he had stood you up on important dates and forgotten your birthdays and anniversaries and you had to make up some excuse about his absence to your friends and family. Or think of the times when he had hurt you by making insensitive remarks in front of his friends and later made excuses for his behavior? You have to admit that the freedom to live your life the way ‘you’ want to, without waiting doe someone else’s approval will definitely seem like a breath of fresh air. So instead of going by someone else’s choices on what to wear, where to go, where and how much to spend your own money and sometimes what to eat, decide all the things by your-self for a change. Trust me, you will love it. So enjoy your independence and celebrate the joys of single-hood.

The “dating scene”: Just because you are single and not looking for a relationship does not mean that you are not at liberty to enjoy the fares on display. Single-hood gives you the opportunity of “window-shopping” without having to constantly look over your shoulder, with a feeling of guilt. And if you find something that you like, there is no harm in doing trials. Basically, what I am trying to say in my own round-about way is that you have all the rights and all the opportunities of indulging in the dating scene again. And you don’t have the pressure of looking for a relationship, so you can relax and enjoy all the good things about casual dating.

Back to the carefree days:

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If you are wondering what to do on a weekend, now that you don’t have your partner to spend the time with, you can start by calling up all your single friends. Yes, the ones who called you so many times for a girl’s night out and the all-night parties and which you regrettably said ‘no’ to. Now is the time to let your hair down and have a wonderful time on a Friday night without having to cut short your fun just because your boy-friend is coming over. Or you can go out and buy the Pashmina shawl you have been lusting over but could not buy because your partner thought it is a waste of money. Single-hood means being happy and carefree, indulging your silly cravings and just being content with life.

Single-hood is a wonderful opportunity of exploring your goals and destinies and gives you all the time in the world to reflect about life. Gone are the days when women were merely there to reproduce, there are women who have opted out of motherhood happily. But glorifying the benefits of single-hood does not mean that I am belittling the joys of a lasting relationship. In fact, a happy relationship gives you a meaning in life by itself, but that does not mean that the ones who have not been lucky in a relationship has to sop living their lives in a fulfilling manner. Relationships and single-hood are in their own places with their own baggage and one should not be ridiculed because of the other.    

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