Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are you single? Celebrate your single hood!

In spite of the fact that women are strong and independent beings; who no longer need a man to fix a night-bulb, they still seem to have a common question to dodge. All the well-wishers, friends and relatives seem to have read the same questionnaire and has only one answer they seem to be interested in, which is, “Are you (finally!!) seeing someone?” If the said question comes from an attractive male, you might still feel flattered. But when you get that question from all the attached, “basking in the glory of their married lives”, category of friends and well-wishers, you almost feel like banging your (or is it theirs?) head. This is the 21st century, folks, gone are the days when women needed men to hunt food for them, now they can hunt their own from the supermarket.

If you fall into the category of being single and loving the feel of it, don’t be afraid to toss your new-found glory on the faces of your gloating ‘attached’ friends. And for the ones who have just come out of a relationship and wondering how to live the rest of your life alone, don’t, because there is more to life than just living it for somebody else. Being in a loving relationship is a very beautiful experience, for those who have it; but since “happily ever afters” are on the verge of becoming extinct just like the Bengal tigers, you should enjoy the next best thing; which is single-hood.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Divorce: Getting the right advice

Going for a divorce is probably one of the toughest decisions one makes in life. But when you have tried everything to make your relationship work and there is no other option left, you need to take that hard decision. Sometimes it is better to let go of a relationship which has no future and happiness than to hold on to it. It will only make life miserable for everyone involved and not give you a chance to open yourselves to other prospects.

The process of getting a divorce is a painful experience, and one that you will probably never want to go through in the first place. But when the time comes, you will need to obtain the best legal and other advice to help you get through the process in a fair and simple manner.