Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes more is less


Can you imagine the days before the invention of social networking sites and voice mail, when a couple used to spend hours and sometimes days waiting for one glimpse or that one secret message from their lovers? The eager anticipation of the wait, the furtive glances towards the road, and the fear of the unknown, is it possible even to think of re-creating those raw feelings in this age of instantaneous modern communication devices and options?

Everyone is an open book, all you need to do to find out what anyone is doing is to just check their Facebook statuses. I wonder sometimes if I am the only one who feels that the only thing which remains private today is the color of a person’s underwear, or the lack of it, which I am sure is not far from being displayed in the statuses one of these days. Please don’t get me wrong, it is interesting to get to know what is the latest in a person’s life especially when you don’t have the time to catch up with them in person, but isn't it taking the fun out of meeting over a cup of coffee and discussing about your life? Why will you even bother meeting when you get to know all in Facebook? 

And most important of all have you noticed happy, irate, jilted, lovers putting up their feelings as the statuses for all and sundry? I mean where is the one-to-one communication methods of the past when two people get together to discuss their feelings, fight, break-up, make-up and the world is none the wiser? Sometimes I wish I could be the girl standing near her front gate trying to get a glimpse of her lover who had promised to be back but she was not sure whether he will be. How I wish I had known the nervous excitement of waiting for a secret letter which can only be delivered by a common friend. How was the feeling when we did not have these modern devices of communication and the only way to ask your lover out is to leave messages for her by ingenious means.

And imagine how easy it would have been to wait for the response of a proposal when there were only two ways to get the answer - by person or by letter. Imaging the plight of a modern day lover with the numerous means of communication? You need to check your voice mail a thousand times in a day, be online on all your chatting accounts, check your e-mail and your messages all the time, only to be disappointed when that much anticipated call, e-mail, or chat turns out to be from somebody else. Weren't these advancements supposed to make our lives easier instead of complicated and barren?

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  1. I totally agree with your thought. Technology is a means to make our lives convenient and not robotic!!! Wake up! people. Time to start writing flowery letters and sending cards through our good, old POST...