Friday, July 11, 2014

Adoption as a single parent: Some do's and dont's

Adopting a child is a long term process which requires a lot of sensitivity and contemplation on the part of parents who are opting for it. And when the parent involved in the adoption happens to be single, it becomes even more of a delicate matter. Although nowadays, it is quite common for single women to opt for adoption, it still remains a challenging and sensitive task.
Undoubtedly, it is a very rewarding experience, but as a single mother, it requires a lot more dedication and extra effort because of several reasons. There are however, several measures one can take to make the whole experience of adding someone special in your life a very unique and beautiful one. 

Be sure of the decision: A single woman also craves for a child the same way that a married woman does. It is a very natural desire and everyone has the right to pursue it. But the decision to adopt is a very critical one which is going to bring in a lot of changes into your life. Especially since you will be managing your family alone and without any kind of help and support from a partner, you have to be absolutely certain about your decision and be completely ready to accept all the changes you need to make in your life. Only after you have made an informed and educated decision, should you be going in for adoption.
Be prepared: After a child comes into your life, naturally your routine and priorities will change. Rather than making hurried alterations and adjustments in your social, personal and professional life, making small and measured changes will assure that you are ready to face any challenge in future. You will also need to adapt your routine according to the habits of the new member in your life and it is always better to be prepared. Keeping your bosses, colleagues and friends aware about the news might help bring in a lot of support and assistance for you.
Be balanced: If you are a single parent, you will need to play the role of the loving mother as well as the strict, disciplinarian father. You will need to maintain a balance between both the extremes and provide a healthy and happy environment for the child. Although it is kind of difficult to imagine being a single mother and taking care of all the needs of a child, it is far better than having a dysfunctional set of parents.

Be open: Being a single parent, there are quite a few challenges in terms of bonding with your child and at the same time juggling your career and personal life. You might feel like you are a wonder woman; who can manage everything at the same time, the truth is you will soon burn out with sheer exertion. You will need to set your priorities and let go of the things which are trivial or doesn’t matter in the long run. If you try multitasking at the initial stages of your new relationship, there are chances that you will do more harm than good. You will need to set aside time for getting to know each other and then set some kind of routine which suits you best.

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