Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Poetry - the tuneless songs from deep inside the heart...

To find myself…..
One morning when the sun shone the brightest,
I got up from a deep slumber and felt bereft..
Wondered what was missing in life…who is absent.
The appendage called heart remained silent.
I lumbered off on a quest to discern the purpose of life
Or on a voyage of self-discovery as the wise would say.

Sat for a few hours beneath the banyan tree in my backyard,
Only truth I discovered ..mosquito bites in the day..are also hard.
Mind said -Why not sail across the oceans and beyond?
Or seek divinity from a guru, all enlightened and saffron-clad?
Set off again for the distant shores with images of a new self;
Glorified in tranquillity and basking with new found serenity.

Spent a divine summer chanting mantras and singing hymns
Lost in the pleasant aroma of incense and also ganja at times,
Found a lot of virtues hitherto unknown – patience, tolerance and
Reigning supreme was the feeling of profound peace and freedom.    
But mystery of self remained unsolved, hence made a last effort;
To seek the truth from my guru- the one who has discovered All.

Saffron clad and sitting in the midst of his ardent followers,
He was amused at the question which I barely whispered.
He gazed at my curious eye for ages and then beckoned me near
Laying his hand on my head he said “Love, child, love is why you are here.”
The fog lifted and the light shone through, I smiled and bade him adieu;
And set out to spread the message of love to all, starting on a life anew.   

A heart’s folly....
Oh, this foolish little heart of mine,
Hungry for the love of a deserter;
Craves the touch of the cold one;
Who has nothing in him to spare!

I try to tempt this errant traitor,
And lure it to other pleasures;
But all it can hear deep within,
Are his treacherous whispers!

At times it makes merry and smiles,
I will sigh with relief that it is past;
But alas! The clouds come down again,
And brings the rain of tears at last!
Lovely will be the dawn when I can;
Leave all his memories behind.
Lovely will be the morn when I will;
Wake up without his thoughts in my mind.

Tonight I will cry....

I will shed copious tears, it will be a funeral tonight;
A blazing pyre of the accident called life;
I will wet my pillow; carefully recollecting past strifes.
But it will be the last time.... for I am bidding goodbye.

I might howl at the moon and cry out to the sky,
I might beat my chest and raise a big hue and cry.
Anything seems possible, its such a maddening night
Thoughts of soul-wrenching sobs brings out a strange delight.

I will lie eagerly in my bed; awaiting the lights to be go out,
When shrouded by darkness, i will  gather all my wounds;
I will bring forth the memories which are most painful;
And the tears will rush out and pour down, tearing my soul.  

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