Friday, June 20, 2014

6 graceful ways to reject a guy

All of us get a couple or two (there's no end limit) proposals during our lifetime and most often these will be from guys we don’t want to date. The best way is to gently and politely state that you like the person but you are not romantically interested in him. Some of us are fortunate enough to know the trick of saying “no” easily and without the feeling of guilt arising in us, but some of us are not so lucky. 
Some women really find it difficult to say “no” to anyone and if that person happens to be a good friend, then it becomes even more difficult. We might be fearful to hurt the person, afraid to lose their friendship, scared to appear like an arrogant princess or some other inane or not so inane reasons. Some of us even agree to go out with them just because we don’t know how to say “no” and which leads to disastrous results.
Whatever the reason might be, if you belong to the group of people who can’t reject a guy then it is time for you to read this and get some fun and easy ideas to turn them down. And don’t worry, not all of them are painful, you can choose the one you like best. Just be careful that you don’t get caught. Guys: if you are reading this, don’t get offended, most of it is just for fun and what the are welcome to try some of them on your unwanted admirers!!
The “engaged” excuse: This is a over-tried and over-tested ruse; but still well-known for its high success rate. You might feel reluctant to use an out right lie but its still better than giving hopes to your ardent admirer who might later turn into a creepy stalker. Even otherwise it is always better to tell a white-lie than leading someone on with vague excuses. For this ruse to work you might need to enlist someone’s help or at the least buy yourself a ring.

The “gay” excuse: This might seem to be a desperate move but is a surefire way to  put out the blazing adulation of your pursuer. You will also get a chance to have some fun with your girlfriends by pretending to be romantically involved with one of them. The guy can hardly blame you or himself for nature’s tricks, right? A word of warning though, this excuse comes with its own side effects. You might alienate the chances of attracting the attention of the one that you actually want.
The avoiding technique: Some of us who are really not good at facing people, have no other way but to avoid the person in question. If you stop taking their messages and calls, chances are that they will get the hint and stop bothering you in future.  But most of the guys won’t take these subtle messages and you might have to think of something me your ore than a cold shoulder. So, you might have to un-friend them and sometimes change your phone number as well. Again, this might seem extreme but so are stalkers!.
The “back with ex” excuse: Another sure fire way to get a guy to not feel rejected or sorry for him-self is to let him know that you still have feelings for your ex and that you have decided to get back to him. This will work if you don’t move in the same circles and there are no chances of him finding out the truth. If you are caught later, you can always say it didn't work out. This is only a “white lie” because if you really have an ex, chances are you have thought about getting back at some point in your life.
The “not interested in love” excuse: If you are working and a colleague is pestering you to go out and you being you, cannot say no to him directly; then you can try telling him that you are only interested in your career right now. If you tell a person that you are not interested in any kind of serious relationship or a fling with anyone other than your laptop, chances are that he will stop trying. If not, you can always look for another job.

Start wearing a wedding ring: If your admirer is the determined kind, who doesn't take 'no' for an answer; then you might need to come up with some desperate measures. There is nothing which brings down a guy’s enthusiasm then a ring flashing in front of his eyes. 
To reiterate, the best and gentlest way to turn down a guy is to tell him honestly that you are not romantically interested in him, but also that he is a wonderful person. The above means are strictly for the men who really don’t understand the meaning of “no” or for the women who can’t say “no”.

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