Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little things about love....

The other day I was having lunch with my friend and as women generally do, we soon arrived at the topic of love. She is currently in a relationship which was of a few months old but she had already started experiencing the uncertainties and qualms which usually plagues us in the later stages of a relationship. The thought about the future was giving her Goosebumps and the fact that she gets easily bored within a few months into a relationship was giving her nightmares about the security of their future.

Like a good friend, I tried getting into the crux of the problem with the thought of providing some helpful insight and advice. When I asked her the ever so important question about why she thought the relationship would not work, what I expected to hear were some major issues and problems that she had deciphered in the course of their few months old relationship. But what I heard from her lips that day made me laugh at the idiosyncrasies of what we call; love.

My friend was unsure about the future of their relationship because of a few differences in their nature. Their varying choice of food and music seemed to be the greatest bones of contention between them. They were poles apart in their lyrical and musical preference and the thought about spending her life with a person whose choice of music was so bizarre, was a thought she was not able to cope with. There were a few other things which do not merit a mention so I would like to rest the case with citing only these examples.

But the interesting part for me was the fact that they were very good in bed, both had a lot of other things in common. She liked being with him, they liked doing things together, going to the same places, had a common outlook about most things etc. These would sound to be the qualities which would actually make any relationship work, but then human beings are such mysterious creatures that when there are hardly any hurdles; we like to create them just for the heck of it. If the same couple would have met under different circumstances with a lot of opposition from society and other factors, they would have fought tooth and nail to be together.

Does compatibility mean that you should have the same kind of habits or can a relationship work with differences between the partners? Both cannot be each other’s mirror images of course, but where is the line to be drawn?

Maybe all of us have come across this dilemma once in our life wherein we were overwhelmed by the thought of spending our lives with someone who likes to listen to hard metal or someone who snores. But I guess what each of us need to ask ourselves at the end of the day is, “Is this relationship worth making the effort?”

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